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Deer Skin Leather Riding Gloves

Deerskin is one of the most difficult leathers to work with, both in it's tanning process, and in the making of leather goods. This, and limited availability, prevents it from being a leather that can be stamped out and sewn into products by the millions using inexperienced labor and many common mass production methods. When done properly however, it produces one of the strongest, softest, most durable, and comfortable gloves you can wear.

Deerskin glove has stretch widthwise and very little stretch lengthwise. This means a snug fitting glove that will expand with your hand when you make a fist or grip something,but the fingers won't stretch or become floppy.
Fingerless Gel Palm Deerskin Gloves

Crafted from light weight deerskin, our fingerless gloves protect your hands while leaving your fingers free. Gel padding in the palms reduces vibration. Whether twist off a valve stem cap or adjust a carburetor, these gloves keep your fingers free and your hands protected.

Deerskin Riding Gloves

Made from Soft Durable Deerskin

Deerskin Riding Gloves are the ultimate in comfort and durability. These gloves are crafted from tanned deerskin which is both stronger and softer than cowhide. Our Deerskin Riding Gloves will rapidly mold to fit your hand creating a comfortable, snug fit.

Deer Skin Gauntlet Riding Glove

Made from Soft Durable Deerskin.
Soft fleece lining for added warmth
Extended cuff to ensure your wrist remains covered while riding.

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